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7IEBEN by Laura Jungmann und Jonathan Radetz

The Tangram is a geometrical puzzle, consisting of seven two-dimensional shapes which can be arranged to form any desired figure, pattern or picture. The game sets nearly no rules and limits.
The platter set 7IEBEN transfers this creativity and design freedomto the table. You don’t play with food? Against our social codes of behavior, 7IEBEN invites you to deal with food in a playful and interactive way. It not only stimulates your phantasy and the com¬munication at the table, snacks and finger food can also be served, presented and consumed in the platters. Hereby, the table be-comes a scene and the user the protagonist.

Design: Laura Jungmann, Jonathan Radetz, 2016

www.laurajungmann.de | www.jonoconcepts.com