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When entering into an unknown city our sens es sharpen: we take a good look around, observe the ado and hear sounds which in a known environment we wouldn‘t acknowledge. Collecting them is like capturing one of the city‘s many tonal facets.
In this work ephemeral sounds are visually retained by way of four light sculptures. The objects‘ abstract outlines, taken from one or more sound sequences which are then trans lated into four smaller segments, result in conventional luminaires. With their abstract, graphic simplicity they offer a significant light atmosphere.

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The designers Laura Jungmann, Dorothee Mainka, Pierre Kracht, Jonathan Radetz, Flo- rian Saul and Michael Konstantin Wolke decided to travel to Istanbul to find out more about the city‘s fascinating artisan districts so well known for their crafts. On their trip they hoped to experience the impact this field of work, the city and its traditional production methods and structures can have on the design process and the design itself.
To this day Istanbul‘s artisan districts Şişhane and Galata are filled with a variety of small workshops where every artisan is a specialist for certain materials or processing techniques and crafts. They use simple machines in small spaces and if something is not accessible, their skill for improvising knows no end. Almost anything becomes possible as the individual craftsmen work hand in hand, supporting each other with their special skills as needed.