• 1501_Wandhaken_WW14_PflanzeTisch
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  • 1501_Wandhaken_WW14_Tasche_iso
  • 1501_Wandhaken_WW14_iso_bronze_Tasche2
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  • 1501_Wandhaken_WW14_iso_bronze_tasche
  • 1501_Wandhaken_WW14_iso_messing_tasche
  • 1501_Wandhaken_WW14_iso_holz2
  • 1501_Wandhaken_WW14_iso_holz
  • 1501_Wandhaken_WW14_iso_bronze
  • 1501_Wandhaken_WW14_iso_messing
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  • 1501_Wandhaken_WW14_iso_3_tasche
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WW14 is a stylish and poetic coat rack. Toying with material and form, WANDHAKEN is presented in a combination of precious copper or brass and solid oak with a porcelain base. With its 79 mm diameter, the coat rack can be invisibly mounted to the wall. Combining its different finishes, the coat rack creates a stylish and playful display on the wall, suitable for private and contract areas. WW14 stands for „Because of Christmas 2014“, a series of objects meant as gifts.

Design: Julian Demharter, Jonathan Radetz, 2014
Material: Ceramic/porcelain with oak, oiled, brass or copper, polished