Jonathan Radetz is a multidisciplinary designer based in Frankfurt. JONO CONCEPTS was founded in 2013 by Jonathan Radetz as an office for product design. His background as a master carpenter coupled with his degree in product design shines through in his versatile work ranging from furniture design to accessories and fine jewellery.

Positions at modern design brand e15 and in the studios of both Stefand Diez and Saskia Diez Jewellery also impacted on his working method and approach to design.

Reinterpreting pieces with a unique vision, his design philosophy comes from an attraction to the timelessness in modern shape and an obsession with capturing this spirit in his work. For Jonathan Radetz creation is his passion: he constantly sees new possibilities and forms, finding his inspirations in fashion, architecture, furniture, nature and people. A fascination with breaking every idea down to its essential elements, he playfully yet methodically works with materials and forms to create furniture, accessories and fine jewellery.